indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull (2008)

by zEke

Nineteen years later the hero is back. We have waited long, too long maybe, for the archaeologist to come back after Steven Spielberg and George Lucas saw, and explode, his potential back in the eighties. No less than three adventures in a decade. The hero is now older, the hat and the whip stay the same, what about everything else?

Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) is force to help Irina Spalko (Cate Blanchett) and her Russian army find an extraterrestrial creature with a mysterious crystal skeleton in a military base in the Nevada dessert. Once back in the Marshall College Jones is contacted by Mutt Williams (Shia LeBouf) who tells him Harold Oxley (John Hurt), and old colleague of Jones, has disappeared after discovering a crystal skull in Peru. No need to explain what follows. Continue reading

iron man (2008)

by zEke

iron man posterMovies that are based on comic books are on fashion these days. Mostly, because they seem to be profitable enough. Truth is, most of them are just about that and forget about the essence of the stories they tell. Thus, after the initial hype they are forever forgotten. Does anyone remember daredevil (2003), the punisher (2004)? I could keep going, but I will not. Even those who manage to stay in our memory are not more than ephemeral entertainment. Good entertainment, but far from providing anything else, which on the other hand they do not have to. batman begins (2005) might be an exception. All this to say that iron man is one of the latter, good entertainment and nothing else.

Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is an eccentric industrialist who only cares about the effectiveness of the weapons his company provides to gain peace in the world by means of war, and how to spend his ridiculous fortune. This is until he is captured in Afghanistan by mercenaries who use his very own weapons. To scape he builds an armor. An armor that once back at home and after a severe tuning process turns Stark into his alter ego, Iron Man. Continue reading

indiana jones and the last crusade (1989)

by zEke

indiana jones and the last crusade posterHave you ever tried to whistle blend together the indiana jones, star wars and superman main themes? Neither have I.

Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) is asked by Walter Donovan (Julian Glover) to go after the Holy Grail after his father vanished while searching for a clue to its location himself. Donovan owns an incomplete stone tablet that might hold the key to the location of the chalize and points them in the right direction. Jones accepts and travels to Venice with Dr. Marcus Brody (Denholm Elliot) where he meets Dr. Elsa Schneider (Alison Doody) and will discover that they are not the only ones interested in the location of the Holy Grail and that the Nazi army are also after it. Continue reading

indiana jones and the temple of doom (1984)

by zEke

indiana jones and the temple of doom posterUn filón encontraron Steven Spielberg y George Lucas en la persona de un arqueólogo de culo inquieto. Uno de tantos.

Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) se encuentra en Shangai negociando con un mafioso local el intercambio de los restos de Nurhaci por un diamante de un tamaño considerable. Las cosas se tuercen y en su huída Jones, Tapón (Jonathan Ke Quan) y Wilhelmina Scott (Kate Capshaw) acaban perdidos en India. Sin comerlo ni beberlo, y a falta de nada mejor que hacer, deciden ayudar a los habitantes de una remota aldea a recuperar una piedra sagrada. Su búsqueda los llevará a las profundidades de un misterioso templo. Continue reading