We collect deadhours enjoying cinema, new and old, always original versions, sometimes subtitled (we don’t know Korean yet), and writing about it the most pseudo-objective and pseudo-descriptive way we can, depending, of course, on our mood, our sleepiness, and the amount of stimulating substances in our bodies. Nevertheless, we never purposely hide our opinion…

Our main goal is to write about cinema for the sake of it. If as a collateral damage, what we write is useful to you to decide whether to collect or not your own deadhours enjoying a particular movie, so be it… If as a collateral damage we manage to put you to sleep, well…

If for some reason you feel like you would like to know what we think about a particular movie, do not hesitate to leave a comment and let us know… give us ideas of movies to watch, help us collect deadhours, we will see what we can do about that, hopefully sooner than later… In any case, any kind of feedback will be greatly appreciated since it will help us do a better job.

deadhours is a cinema weblog initiative by zEke.

contact: deadhours at gmail dot com

“Movies end. Cinema never will.”
after midnight (2004)