10 best movies of 2008 in one sentence

by zeke

In my opinion 2008 has not been a great year when it comes to cinema. Nevertheless, and despite the lack of very good movies, there are quite a few good ones. Most of them have actually been released towards the end of the year. A successful rescue attempt. Among those, I have picked ten. Some of them are obvious, and some I might be the only one that liked them. C’est la vie

10. burn after reading

burn after reading poster

burn after watching joy

9. vicky christina barcelona

vicky cristina barcelona poster

woody allen is not back, but he is finally aware of that, and not trying to be who he was, but who he is

8. milk

sean penn is to gus van sant’s best film ever what nesquik is to my whole milk every morning

7. in bruges

tourist trap good to fall for

6. let the right one in

horror movies can still be unique

5. gran torino

dirty harry is now retired but still around

4. the wrestler

mickey rourke’s did not let darren aronofsky down

3. the dark knight

the dark knight poster

it brights beyond a superhero movie

2. wall‧e

wall-e poster


1. slumdog millionaire

slumdog millionaire poster

do not walk into it, run into it


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