hancock (2008)

by zEke

Originally written in 1996 by Vincent Ngo hancock has finally made it to the silver screen. After a massive marketing campaign, worthy of any summer blockbuster, and on a holiday weekend that guarantees good box office receipts. This, even if it turns to be a fiasco, as it does after the first half an hour.

hancock‘s premises are different from every other superhero movie. John Hancock (Will Smith) is a superhero, but he is also a homeless sour drunkard from Los Angeles. Thus, despite of his efforts, people hate him and would like to see him behind bars. But his luck changes when he meets Ray Embrey (Jason Bateman), a public relalions spokesperson. Embrey conceives an impeccable plan to make people miss Hancock and turning him into a celebrity. And while the prologue lasts everything works more or less fine, but then, along comes a first twist that feels like a punch in your stomach. And, still a second one to try to explain the first one, that at this point will let most of you frozen.

One feels that after an original beginning the story could have taken many different paths and, seriously, I cannot think about a more ridiculous one. The action scenes are still merely decent even though the villains do not rise to the occasion. Director Peter Berg make them look like clowns. I understand hancock feels close to a comedy but it deserved better. If something, John Powell’s score shines, but because of being omnipresent rather than because of its intrinsic quality.

As for the cast, Smith is a good actor and shows his skills while the movie is not yet lost. After that, a donkey could have done his job. As for Bateman and Charlize Theron, yes, the South African beauty is also in it, well, they will not be remembered by it. And my question here is, was it really necessary to have a kid in the story? Anyways, I guess I had high expectations for this one following the many previews I had seen, and, what a surprise, I am certainly deceived.

If you ask me, I would invite you to watch the first half of the movie and imagine your own second half.

For the deadhours of those who drink and fly.


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  1. Well… we thought the same: nice start, weird development. BUT, we liked the second idea that explains the first one. I find it original and a challenge to any screenplay writer… obviously too big for Ngo&Gilligan.

  2. la idea dels parells ja la havia vist abans… potser a the x files (1995), no en va gilligan va escriure un munt d’episodis, però no m’enrecordo… potser la he llegida a algun llibre… i si, la idea està bé i té el seu romanticisme, però com tu ben dius no l’acaben d’arrodonir…

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