sex and the city (2008)

by zEke

sex and the city posterI get in the cinema when the lights are still on, but it is already full. Full of dresses up girls. I take some time to count how many boys are about to witness the show. Overall, there are six, a gay couple, three long faced boyfriends, and me. I sit and wait. Definitely, I am going to watch sex and the city.

Many TV series have been adapted to the silver screen recently. Almost unnoticed I must say. I am not a big fan of TV shows turned into feature movies but I always end watching them. I am actually looking forward to the a team (2009). But now is the turn for sex and the city. I was never a big fan of the TV series but I somehow managed to watched them all. A show made entirely for women that caught my eye. Good enough to keep me distracted for half an hour.

Things started where they were left when the TV series ended in 2004 after six successful seasons. Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Mr. Big (Chris Noth) are about to get married, Samantha (Kim Cattrall) lives in Los Angeles with his young good looking boyfriend, Charlotte (Kristin Davis) is a happy mother, and Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) and Steve (David Eigenberg) are an unadventurous married couple. No need to say that for almost two hours and a half the story will mess up with their lives in order to hopefully deliver four happy endings. And do not worry if you do not know anything about them, the epilogue is long enough to remind you who they are.

Firts of all, it is long, too long. Even if you were a fan of the TV series. Second of all, it is both faithful to the essence of the original and full of all the clichés you expect in every single romantic comedy. Everything turns around a stupid misunderstanding that might not deserve so much racket but it is needed to justify a feature movie. But, anyways, the superficial jokes are still there, so the sarcasm, and, of course, the sex. Be ready for a couple of red shots. There is even a poop joke.

As for the cast, as good or bad as they have always been. I would say good, since they are so used to their characters that one starts to see them as those rather that as themselves. I mean, I am not able to see Sarah anymore, whenever I see her in another movie I just see Carrie. Is that wrong? Interestingly, the other three have not had that much of a presence in other movies.

Overall an interesting adaptation if (i) you are a woman, (ii) you were a fan of the TV series, and (iii) you are all about romantic comedies. If you are none of the above you can still enjoy the ride, but just not that much.

For the deadhours of those who constantly use girlfriends to refer to their entourages.


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  1. As a girl, I went to see this movie with my best female friends in Nurenberg, with chocolate and mineral water. I was ready for the worst, so I assured at least a good companion and nourishing distraction. The TV series had its kick, but too trivial to be one of my favourites. So the movie should be a long glamourose nightmare. But it turns to be a surprise. I was amazed about how the writers managed to get the movie to exactly the same point of entertainment and quality than the TV series… of course, they are the same people (fortunately!). And yes, it is a “stupid misunderstanding”, but who didn’t mess up a promising love story once (or twice) because of a silly thing? And how many times have we heard or said “Sorry, I know it sounds stupid, but this is the last straw!”?
    Anyway, to me the best was learning so much german vocabulary on sex, the PETA sketch (50% disgusting 50% brave) and the fact that every woman deserves her own happy end in her own very personal way.
    By the way… it seems they’re working on a sequel…

  2. yes, in the end it’s nothing but four happy endings… like a smaller version of love actually (2003)… and yes, we all deserve happy endings, and mine will probably be different than yours…

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