my blueberry nights (2007)

by zEke

my blueberry nights posterThose who know Chinese director Kar Wai Wong know how he likes to carefully take care of every single shot he fits in his movies. The suggestive in the mood for love (2000) and the melancholic 2046 (2004) are good recent examples of his meticulous care. my blueberry nights is no different to those on that sense and many will see it as a collection of beautiful shots that fail to build the story within. That is probably what, according to the reviews that followed, attendants to the screening of the opening film of the 60th Cannes Film Festival thought. I, respectfully, disagree.

Elizabeth’s (Norah Jones) boyfriend has left her for another woman. Heartbroken, she decides to start a cross country soul-searching journey around America that starts at Jeremy’s (Jude Law) little cozy café in New York City among blueberry pies and ice-cream. Along the way she meets random ordinary people that will help her find her way back to herself.

First of all, Norah Jones. She is an excellent singer and songwriter. That is a fact and we knew before my blueberry nights. News are she turns to be also as good as an actress as her character demanded her to be. Nevertheless, it is not her character the most demanding, even though is the one everything evolves around. Rachel Weisz and David Starhairn, who play a separated couple Elizabeth meets in Memphis, stand out among the cast on that sense. Natalie Portman, who also plays a secondary role, does not sing out of tone and Jude Law is cute, I mean, really cute.

Kar Wai Kong shots the movie through glass. A window, a bar, a mirror, anything transparent enough. He also keeps hiding the camera behind random inanimate objects as if he was spying on the characters. While some might find this annoying, I find it both poetic and meaningful. We witness the events rather than seeing them, thus turning us into an important part of the story. Pauses are also really important, pauses that are always filled with shots that make one feel, those who are not yawning. I would even say that most of the story is told by the way it is captured by the Chinese director rather than by the script itself, which is not that original.

A beautiful movie for the many followers of Kar Wai Kong that, as usual, will deceive the rest.

For the deadhours of those who would eat blueberry pie and ice-cream after a full dinner.


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