iron man (2008)

by zEke

iron man posterMovies that are based on comic books are on fashion these days. Mostly, because they seem to be profitable enough. Truth is, most of them are just about that and forget about the essence of the stories they tell. Thus, after the initial hype they are forever forgotten. Does anyone remember daredevil (2003), the punisher (2004)? I could keep going, but I will not. Even those who manage to stay in our memory are not more than ephemeral entertainment. Good entertainment, but far from providing anything else, which on the other hand they do not have to. batman begins (2005) might be an exception. All this to say that iron man is one of the latter, good entertainment and nothing else.

Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is an eccentric industrialist who only cares about the effectiveness of the weapons his company provides to gain peace in the world by means of war, and how to spend his ridiculous fortune. This is until he is captured in Afghanistan by mercenaries who use his very own weapons. To scape he builds an armor. An armor that once back at home and after a severe tuning process turns Stark into his alter ego, Iron Man.

Downey Jr. is perfect as Stark. It is like he was playing himself. Yes, that comfortable he seems playing the role. Unfortunately, he lacks chemistry with Gwyneth Paltrow, who plays Pepper Potts. Terrence Howard and Jeff Bridges are symbolic. Specially the latter, whose metamorphosis deserved more attention. But Downey Jr. is able to fill the screen with his presence and it is not that annoying that he does pretty much all the time. I do not think they needed that much time to show us how Stark learns how to fly, though.

Visually, yes, it is what one would expect, spectacular. If you like heavy metal you will enjoy also some of the tunes that liven up the action. Action that mixes well with the humor. Jon Favreau, who is not known for his career as a director, does a good job at mixing all the ingredients of this comic book adaptation. An adaptation that is more an introduction to the characters than anything else. As if they were already thinking about the sequel before releasing it. Of course it was going to work on the box office.

All in all, pure entertainment, with the plus that stands slightly out among comic book adaptations.

For the deadhours of those with an iron heart.


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