horton hears a who! (2008)

by zEke

horton hears a who! posterDr. Seuss, born Theodor Seuss Geisel, was an American children book writer and drawer. Among his books I will mention two that have already experienced the jump to the big screen, how the grinch stole christmas (2000) and the cat in the hat (2003). After watching horton hears a who! one thing becomes clear, cartoons, somehow, they were in the first place, and cartoons, they should have been. No matter how much effort Jim Carrey and Mike Myers put. And then again, when talking about the big screen, it seems that neither adult stories can be told with cartoons, nor children stories without them.

horton hears a who! is a story for children. An excellent one, I must say. It sure has an essence that is able to reach the children every single adult carries within, but that is not the ultimate goal of the story. It is made for children and it is not ashamed of it. That does not mean grown ups cannot enjoy the ride, but they are required to play by certain rules they might have forgotten already.

Horton is a charming elephant who teaches young animals a little bit of this and a little bit of that in the jungle. Ned is the mayor of Who-ville. When their paths crossed is for them to realize that Who-ville is on a speck that Horton carries on a flower. Horton’s mission will be to guarantee the safety of Who-ville while facing accusations of being nuts by his fellow beasts. How in this world can a speck host life?

The story has everything a children story should have. There is the misunderstood character, there is an injustice, there is hope, there is a journey, there is a mean character. No surprises there, which turns to be good if you do not ask for them. As for the animation, no surprises either, other than a few seconds of anime. The guys behind it are the creators of ice age (2002). Truth is, there was no need to advertise it, it is obvious right from the beginning. I guess they do a good job at being themselves and preserve the essence of Seuss’s drawings.

An amusing way to spend a rainy Saturday evening. It does not hurt anyone to enjoy being a kid every now and then.

For the deadhours of those who know how to see further than what they are looking at.


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