war made easy: how presidents & pundits keep spinning us to death (2007)

by zEke

war made easy posterNorman Solomon is an antiwar activist, freelance journalist and media nonbeliever. He is the author of about a dozen books, all of them with a common denominator, an alleged manipulation of the information delivered to American people by both the media and the administration. On that note, he founded the Institute for Public Accuracy, which ultimate goal is to promote alternative sources of information. war made easy is based on his one to the last published book and is precisely presented by the Institute for Public Accuracy.

It is not surprising to find Sean Penn’s name linked to the project. I bet the Academy Award winning actor is not any republican’s favorite. He has recently raised his voice several times against Bush’s administration’s position on war and other issues. He is the narrator of war made easy, which might just be understood as a claim for distribution purposes. So be it. This certainly will keep many American people away from this documentary or wanting to watch it just to fight it back. Similar to the way Michael Moore’s documentaries are treated. Nevertheless, and despite the obvious bias, Solomon’s essay has an intrinsic value for being focused on exposing rather than arguing. The latter is just a consequence.

Jeremy Earp and Loreta Alper direct. While she is a newcomer, he already co-directed highjacking catastrophe: 9/11, fear & the selling of american empire (2004), focused on the alleged manipulation of the 9/11 events by George W. Bush’s administration. The structure of the documentary is not by all means innovative. It is reduced to an interview with Solomon himself and many scattered footage, old and new, from many media sources. This is, politicians interventions and war footage, before, during and after, as it is seen by those who claim they deliver the truth.

It is interesting to realize how similar the beginning of wars are in terms of politicians words and media coverage. The same arguments are used over and over again to convince public opinion about the convenience of war. Convenience that the media never fight back, they know what suits them. On the contrary, they do their bit and eventually turn war into a product.

That is what they have to say about that. That, and that we live in a world where civil casualties in armed conflicts are up to 90% and the end of those rarely are celebrated as victories. We all lose.

For the deadhours of those who watch wars from their living rooms while eating popcorn.


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