the brave one (2007)

by zEke

the brave one posterMovies, novels, television series, comic books, and anything else you can think about are full of vigilantes. What is about the figure of a person that enacts his or her own form of justice and ignores due precess of law from insufficient authorities, that appeals to many? Most of the comic book industry actually turns around that unique idea, being Batman the example with most impact so far, for being Bruce Wayne as human as we all are. Are we really in need of vigilantes? That is what Neil Jordan’s latest movie is about, and Erica Bain is his vigilante.

Erica is played by once everyone’s favorite Jodie Foster. She is a New Yorker radio show host that entertains her audience with her views of the city. She is engaged to Dr. David Kirmani, played by one of the Oceanic 6 from lost (2004), Naveen Andrews, better known as Sayid Jarrah. Their life is as amusing as it could be until one night they are attacked by three strangers in Central Park. As a consequence of the attack David dies and Erica wakes up from a coma seeking revenge as a consequence of a fear she did not know she could feel.

Jodie Foster has not found yet that role that put herself back where she was once. On her defense I will say that she is at her best and that might be the character itself which keeps her on the ground. Her acting is not able to overcome the nonsense of some her character’s actions. She, the character, evolves faster than we would expect. On the other hand, Andrew’s appearance is testimonial and Terrence Howard, who keeps emerging, manages well as a cop, even though his character is full of nuances which only goal is to decorate.

Jordan’s vigilante attempt works for a while but ends mostly failing because too many little things feel out of place. Foster’s character goes from being a quiet to a fearful armed woman from one day to the other. All of a sudden, she is constantly exposed to threatening situations. On top of that, she becomes best friends with Howard’s character, prey and predator, which also feels too much of a stretch. In the end, the sum of all those little things brings Jordan’s reflection about the culture of fear away from the realism that he yearns for. Actually, I found myself waiting for her to wear her undies over her pants.

Not a bad movie, but definitely not the intimate approach to the raise of a vigilante I was waiting for. Why? I do not know, but I was.

For the deahours of Charles Bronson’s fans.


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