revolver (2005)

by zEke

revolver posterWhere has Guy Ritchie been all these years? He was once known for more than being married to Madonna. lock, stock and two smoking barrels (1998) and snatch (2000), do you remember? He reinvented a genre. Then swept away (2002) came along and swept everything away. With revolver Guy Ritchie goes back to what he does best. Released in the UK in 2005 it has not been released worldwide yet, but truth is, taking into account the amount of wannabes that flood theaters nowadays, it was about time for this movie to hit the neon.

Jack Green (Jason Statham with long hair) is a con artist. After seven years in the shade is out and looking for a revenge, Dorothy Macha (Ray Liotta) must pay. While in prison, he learned the ultimate formula, a con that guarantees success when applied to any game, and ultimately, life. What he does not know yet is who his worst enemy is.

The movie starts with a few philosophical quotes that will lead you to think that this time Ritchie, writer and director, is looking for something more than an entertaining output. If you think that, you will be right. And it is there where one will find both, the weakness and the strength of this movie. Weakness, because its pseudo-spiritual tone guides the action, or lack of, through an introspective highway that at some points gets annoying and confusing. Strength, because those who are able to connect with the mysticism behind the characters will be surprised with a metaphorical reflection on self-awareness and the ultimate game we all play.

Be ready to deal with numerous characters and plot threads, and narration (i feel sorry for you if you do not like Statham’s pitch). Visually speaking, the movie is stylish. And when I say stylish I truly mean stylish. Every single shot seem to have gone under a complete makeover in the search of visual perfection (which does not necessarily mean they achieve it). It somehow, reminded me of layer cake (2002), which should not surprise anyone. Every now and then teachers are willing to learn from their students. The shootings at Green’s brother’s house and the restaurant, Macha’s solarium, and the elevator enlightenment shot, talk by themselves.

Can I say something good about the cast? I sure cannot say anything too bad. Jason Statham is required to perform more than usual and even though he is better at just playing tough, he solves his role decently (independently of his wig). The rest of the cast is not annoying at all. This even though the movie takes itself seriously enough to demand from them more than what it is usual in this kind of productions.

All in all, a movie that will be welcome by those who were missing the essence Ritchie was able to inject in crime and professional criminals when drawn by his camera. revolver, which is almost a palindrome, means also, in Spanish, to think over, and that is what this movie is mostly about.

For the deadhours of those who think they rule the game.

deadrate: δair

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